solid polycarbonate

material characteristics

The dense polycarbonate panels are produced by extruding polycarbonate granulate. They have high transparency and a high degree of impact resistance compared to other plastics. Dense polycarbonate panels withstand high temperatures, hail, accidental or intentional damage. Solid polycarbonate panels are protected from UV rays. They are also resistant to fire. An important positive feature of solid polycarbonate panels is that they are made of a material that does not support combustion and therefore does not allow the fire to spread.

Polycarbonate as a substance has the following characteristics:

  • High impact resistance (200-300 times higher than that of glass)
    High transparency (light transmission is over 90%)

  • Increased temperature resistance from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius.

  • Possibility of cold bending or thermoforming.

  • Resistance to atmospheric influences Panels with increased specific characteristics: abrasion resistance,increased chemical resistance, non-flammability, UV resistance


Polycarbonate panels are designed for engineering solutions where a compromise can be sought between the strength of the material and its weight.


  • Roofs, canopies and vertical industrial facades
  • Protective shields of machines
  • Protective partitions for garages
  • Movable walls and partitions in residential and industrial buildings
  • Swimming pools and sports facilities
  • Glazed doors and terraces, screens
  • Pavilions
  • Showcases


  • Студено огъване
  • Сглобяване
  • Пробиване
  • Рязане
  • Лепене
  • Заваряване
  • Полиране


For thick polycarbonate thickness 1.5 mm. – maximum size 1250 x 2050 mm.
For thick polycarbonate thickness over 1.5 mm. with maximum size: 2050 x 3050 mm.

The minimum amount solid polycarbonate that you can buy from us is 1050 х 1000 mm. 



Thickness 1.5 mm.

1.5 mm. whole sheet (1250 x 2050 mm.) transparent  PRICE: BGN 27 / sq.m
1.5 mm. piece (minimum quantity 1050 x 1000 mm.) transparent – PRICE: 33 BGN / sq.m
1.5 mm. whole sheet (1250 x 2050 mm.) color Bronze –PRICE: 37 BGN / sq.m
1.5 mm. piece (MINIMUM QUANTITY 1050 X 1000 MM.) color Bronze – PRICE: 43 BGN / sq.m.

Thickness 4 mm

4.00 Мм. whole sheet (2100 x 6000 mm.) transparent – PRICE: 55 BGN / sq.m
4.00 Мм. парче ( минимално количество 1050 х 1000 мм.) прозрачен – ЦЕНА: 65 ЛВ./кв.м
4.00 Мм. whole sheet (2100 x 6000 mm.) color Bronze – PRICE: 65 BGN / sq.m
4.00 Мм. piece (MINIMUM QUANTITY 1050 X 1000 MM.) color Bronze –PRICE: 75 BGN / sq.m

For order:

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You can take your sheet or a piece of polycarbonate from our office – Plovdiv, 2 Ambaritsa Street or we can send it to you by courier.

How to order for delivery by courier?

The order is made by phone, after contacting our associate, the color and thickness of the polycarbonate board or piece and the delivery address are specified.


Delivery takes place within 2-3 working days after the order. The delivery is made with courier companies ECONT or LEO EXPRESS at the choice of the client. The delivery is paid by the client and is according to the tariff of the respective courier.

Method of payment.

Polycarbonate is paid on the spot upon delivery and after you make sure the shipment is in order.